Neon Pink

Produce stunning purples, intense oranges and hot pinks by blending Neon Pink toner with CMYK.

Oranges, purples and pinks produced with CMYK on digital presses traditionally print duller or darker than their corresponding offset Pantone® colors. With the addition of 5th Color Neon Pink, you can achieve a wider range of colors and get closer to the actual hues shown on Pantone® chips.

Neon pink not only adds a sense of energy and vibrancy, it can be blended with CMYK to create a wide range of incredible colors including outstanding oranges and passionate purples. With our 5th Colour print capabilities you can achieve all this and more, digitally and on-demand with no minimum runs.

Neon pink is ideal for seasonal promotions, point-of-purchase displays, direct mail, packaging and more. Plus, with an expanded colour gamut we can match more brand colours than ever before.