Fine Art Giclee Printing

Reproduce your original work as a limited edition Fine Art Giclee print on specially coated digital fine art papers or canvas.

Fine Art GicleeWith more than 20 years experience producing a variety of limited edition and one-off prints, we have a great deal to offer artists and photographers. Whereby every effort is made to produce the best result possible; an absolute precise replica is impossible – but with one or two proofs and careful colour correction we can get very close…

There are many archival paper types, we currently stock papers from the Hahnemühle and St Cuthbert’s Mills. Please let us know of any specific paper requirement you may have.

Genuine archival quality inks are also used to provide a 100 year colour fast guarantee – subject of course to the conditions in which the print is displayed.

The process also produces wonderful canvasses which once stretched (they can also be varnished; we can advise you on this) are a very faithful reproduction. – click here for more information.

We currently have these media types fully colour-profiled; and are all archival quality:

Substrates and standard weights available
Somerset Velvet 255gsm and 330gsm
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 188gsm and 310gsm
Hahnemühle German Etching 310gsm
Artists Grade Polycotton Canvas 340gsm
Semi-Gloss Photo Paper 240gsm
High-Gloss Photoboard 300gsm

If you would like to call and discuss your project in more detail, call Tony Price on 01242 235926 or use our contact form to send us more information about your requirements.

The benefits of Giclée

■Very high-quality reproduction

■ Superb colour matching

■ Look and feel of original artwork

■ Reproduces superbly, subtle tones and graduations

■ Light fast – won’t fade or discolour

■ On-demand service – order only what you sell

■ No waste

■ Greatly reduced costs

■ Produce test prints and limited editions in small cost-effective quantities


Scanning and file preparation.

■ If you send us a transparency or photograph, we will have to scan it for digital reproduction. This also applies to original artwork that is flexible enough to be scanned. Scanning costs are one-off charges, you will only have to pay them once.

■ If you have a non-flexible original, perhaps a painting that is already framed, we can arrange photography for you.

If at all possible, we would like to have the original artwork for comparison and accuracy of colour matching.

■ If you send us your images on disc, there are no initial costs additional to the standard set-up charge.

■ We automatically archive any image we receive or scan on your behalf at no extra cost. The digital image is then available to you at any time for further prints, on your website or as emails.

■ Scanning costs are dependent on the size of the original and the size you require it printed. There are also discounts for scanning multiple images, so it’s best to contact us with your specific requirements.

How to supply your images

1. On disc at a resolution of 300dpi as a Photoshop tiff file. There is no charge for handling digitally supplied files.

2. If you have a rigid, canvas or mounted work, or if the work is very large, we can arrange high quality digital or conventional photography. Please contact us for details if you require this service.

3. If the original artwork is flexible, or if you have a good quality transparency, we can scan it. Costs are as follows:

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